Requesting the Mayor's Presence

Mayor Hicks-Hudson appreciates invitations or requests for meetings. However, due to her schedule, she is not always able to attend every event she is invited to.  

Email is the best way to let her office know about an upcoming event.  For fastest response, please include the following:

  • Date and time of the Event
  • Is this a speaking engagement and if so, length of speech 
  • Details of the event, such as what type of event
  • Location of the event 
  • Your name, the name of your organization and contact information

If you are requesting a meeting with the Mayor, depending on the issue you'd like to meet about, we may suggest a meeting with one of our Department Directors, our Chief of Staff or other Mayoral staff instead of the Mayor.  For fastest response, please include the following when making meeting requests:

  • Your name and contact information - email & phone
  • Topic of meeting
  • Best time to reach you to schedule a meeting 

Email the Assistant to the Mayor, Carrie Hartman, for meeting requests or to request the Mayor's attendance at events.