Secor Road Reconstruction, Bancroft to Markway

This section of Secor Road is well known as a narrow and congested section of our area’s roadway system.  The substandard width of the vehicle lanes cause many problems.  Two intersections in this section (Secor/Indian/Bancroft and Secor/Kenwood) are in the top 20 worst intersections for the City in terms of accidents and the section of roadway overall is in the top 100 segments.  In addition the pavement in this area is reaching the end of its useful life and is starting to deteriorate.  The City and Village were successful in getting federal funding for a proposed project to help improve this roadway.

This is a joint project between the Village of Ottawa Hills and the City of Toledo.

Information will be posted below as it becomes available.


Secor Rd. Crash Diagrams

Secor Rd. Concept Drawing 

Secor Rd. Safety Study Traffic Counts 

5/26/16 Secor Rd. Public Meeting (Power Point) 


The following documents were prepared by DGL Consulting Engineers in conjunction with the Secor Road Safety Study and were presented at the Ottawa Hills Special Council Meeting on 12/15/16.


Safety Study Powerpoint Presentation - DGL Consulting Engineers

Safety Study Fact Sheet

Road Diet Video (large video file)

4 FT Median Video (large video file)

10 FT Median Video (large video file)

The following videos were taken to supplement the walking tour that was limited by weather conditions at the 12/15/16 meeting.

Video 1 - Walking north on Ottawa Hills' side of Secor north of the church

Video 2 - View of Secor Road from Darlington - approx. from 2nd house in from Secor


The following documents are from the Second Public Meeting held on January 31, 2017. 


Comment Sheet

Information Sheet 

Alternatives Matrix 

Power Point