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IDFirst Name Last Name Suffix Birth Date Death Date Funeral Cemetery SectionLot Row Grave
530DorothyMersing    ForestC71 117
1301HelenMersing    ForestQ38  
9982HattieMersing    ForestC713 2350
11396ArthurMersing   H H BForestY261 4
15063DellaMersing   H H BForestQ36 14
18500UrsulaMersing   FothForestQ36 1
25116AdolphMersing   H H BForestY261 3
27207DellaMersing   H H BForestQ36 14
28896GeraldMersing   FothForestQ36 2
39121ErvinMersing   Herm BirForestY261 1
39963GeorgeMersing   H H BForestQ36 13
59481RobertMersing   CleggForestX333 1
65052AnnaMersing    ForestC15 737
65064FredMersing    ForestC15 742
77956EmmaMersing    ForestOC29 2897
77963InfantMersing    ForestOC29 2899
78337AnthonyMersing   NevilleMaplewood2&350 7
    End of List