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IDFirst Name Last Name Suffix Birth Date Death Date Funeral Cemetery SectionLot Row Grave
1987JessieDennis    ForestC72 382
2900FrankDennis    ForestJ32  
4495RobertDennis    ForestC13 2664
8043CharlesDennis    ForestC78 1706
8160WilliamDennis    ForestC710 1746
11713KatherineDennis    ForestOC6 6324
23440InfantDennis   AckerForestC212 2136
28978WilliamDennis   WalterForestY301 1
33181MigareeDennis   EasleyForestC713 3275
34590PhoebeDennis   PierstorForestY301 2
46391FrankDennis   H H BForestC77 4495
48923JohnDennis   WalterForestVR1109 6
53042LenaDennis   WaltersForestVR1109 10
55997CharlesDennis   DaleForest314 1
68941ClarenceDennis   DaleForest32  1284
76176ViolaDennis   H.h.birkForestX2351 4
76520InfantDennis    ForestJ32  
87695Mary MrsDennis    ForestD78  
90991NadineDennis   Hous-dayForest39 109
96371BernitaDennis 08/02/191806/13/2007Blanchard-strablerForest37 516
5182WellingtonDennison    ForestC25 1486
6652WellingtonDennison    ForestC76 1254
44379GeorgeDennison   W BirkenForest271 11
44380AudryDennison   W BirkenForest271 11
45781MaryDennison   W BirkenForest271 11
58145DailyDennison    ForestOC59 397
    End of List